Google history

An ode to…you know who you are…


I’m a really honest person
Sometimes a little flawed
I tend to go a creepin’
Whenever I get bored
I really love my boyfriend
He’s faithful only to me
I’m devoted to him too
Until I want a spree
My fiance was awesome
My cup of happy was so full
I just had to join an online site
Where I went straight on the pull

Trust is such a sacred thing
I demand it from my guys
Do as I say not as I do
I do this cause I’m wise
My husband found me looking
I said it was all for laughs
Honest people are so gullible
They don’t see that I am fast
When caught out cheating on my hubby
I told all my friends “we’re open”
For some reason they believed me
So my integrity wasn’t broken!
I’ve never been faithful to anyone
I don’t see why I should
It’s boring and it’s tedious
I just wish you understood
I’m honestly not a bad person
I just made a mistake
(I accidentally keep getting caught
While I’m on the take)
My lover he now bores me
I’m looking all the time
Seeking a relationship
Both in person and online

Google history

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