“The irony of putting effort into writing a poem about you” – a poem.

This poem is dedicated to someone I used to consider a friend but who nuked that from orbit and demanded an apology from me for their hurt feelings over something I did not do.

A strange and powerful lethargy

Astonishing in it’s motionless

My hand stills ascribing without glee

My pen not racing to express

Ideas of showing how I see

Deep into your soul (what a mess)

I am fitting to your reality

Mind steeped in syrup thickness

You exposed yourself to me

Thank you for at last being honest.





“The irony of putting effort into writing a poem about you” – a poem.

Pulse Magic – prose, written 22 years ago

I found this bit of prose written on the back of a tram conductor’s pay-in slip. I therefore know it was written in the winter of 1996, I guess I probably wrote this when I was bored in a tram, as tended to happen a LOT. I have no memory of it, or of why I wrote it, other than I expect there was some sort of discussion about vegetarianism at the time, and I have a friend called Zik – knowing me it was in response to a certain incident and I was mocking him somehow. I would have been a vegetarian when I wrote it.

Pulse Magic

A man called Zik, walking down the lane

Held lentils in his hand

He stopped and exclaimed out loud

“Oh, wouldn’t it be grand! –

If these lentils were just like magic beans

And if I threw them over there

They grew and grew and grew and grew

And formed a magic stair!”

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Pulse Magic – prose, written 22 years ago

The Good Plates – a poem

(A tribute to someone who I no longer have to give a shit about)

The Good Plates

You own a “good” dinner set that you can’t allow yourself to use

You excuse and are obtuse as to why not, you are excessive

In the face of opposition.

Your position is that your mission is to keep it nice,

unbroken, unsullied, unused and so another set is purchased;

The second best set.

And these ones you allow to get wet, but you still expect reverence.

They’re delicate but not untouchable and still quite valuable

You calculate, and hesitate to even place these before

those undeserving and unnerving, who you don’t let yourself respect

Mostly they get to eat off the the third-best set.

The Good Plates – a poem

Truly dreadful Poetry – Poetry. Sort of. No. Not really.

I decided it was time to write some bad poetry. I’m trying to rival the Vogans.
It turns out that bad poetry is just painful in how bad it is to write. Still willing to read it? Don’t say i didn’t warn you!

Ode to Spring

Oh! Budding buds!

And Greening Browns

Leaping hop bugs

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Truly dreadful Poetry – Poetry. Sort of. No. Not really.

An ode to Brenden – Prose

Ahhh. Brenden the Broflake who I didn’t even argue with on the internet. I just didn’t. He came in swinging, howling, being hurt. My not arguing was thus invalidating him in whatever position it was he was upholding (no one from that conversation actually knows).  I didn’t argue. I was obtuse. I didn’t respond to him at all. I did wow dog meme his nonsense.

Here are his very own words about me – as I cast them back to him in prose. I hope you appreciate it more than he did. There was a deeply lyrical quality to his insults and the things he made up. I am just sad he deleted his really good stuff before I got it copied…. Very prose. Such Sook. Wow.

Also, he kept threatening to flounce off, and yet did not. I was much dissapoint.

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An ode to Brenden – Prose

Jessie’s Girl – I fixed the song lyrics so it’s far less creepy

Jessie’s girl is a horrible song. Imagine you are actually the woman dating Jessie and his best mate is constantly creeping on you.

Fixed it.

Jessie’s my boy fried,
And, I know he’s really sweet sometimes
But lately something’s changed
It ain’t hard to define
Jessie’s got this mate and he watches me all the time
And he cracks it when I look at Jesse
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Jessie’s Girl – I fixed the song lyrics so it’s far less creepy