An ode to Brenden – Prose

Ahhh. Brenden the Broflake who I didn’t even argue with on the internet. I just didn’t. He came in swinging, howling, being hurt. My not arguing was thus invalidating him in whatever position it was he was upholding (no one from that conversation actually knows).  I didn’t argue. I was obtuse. I didn’t respond to him at all. I did wow dog meme his nonsense.

Here are his very own words about me – as I cast them back to him in prose. I hope you appreciate it more than he did. There was a deeply lyrical quality to his insults and the things he made up. I am just sad he deleted his really good stuff before I got it copied…. Very prose. Such Sook. Wow.

Also, he kept threatening to flounce off, and yet did not. I was much dissapoint.

ODE TO BRENDEN (Brenden’s words to me)

You’ve been smacked all over the place

And caused insult and hurt

I can see an empty space

Where sad people have avoided your blurt

You are deliberately obtuse

Nasty, difficult, irrational

You’re replies have made me puce

You’re a disgrace to the nation…al

Congratulations, you!

You  must be such a pleasant person

To know and spend time with

Around you I’d never worsen

I can totally see why everyone

Would want to be in your

Pleasant and encouraging company

You should arrange a tour!

You have a lovely day now, you hear?

But I have one last appeal…

I want you to be made aware

 How hurty you made me feel


An ode to Brenden – Prose

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