There is a business near me whose business name is WILSONSELFSTORAGE – that is how the signage is written.


I wrote them this letter. They have yet to respond.

Dear Wilson’s Elf Storage,

My associates and I are enquiring about rates for the following elves that we would like to store;

  1. 1 Mirkwood elf
  2. 4 Lothlorian elves (3M. 1F)

At this stage we have no need of Rivendell storage.

Could I enquire your:
Daily Rates

Yearly rates

Rates until the coming of the fourth age

Payment can be in the form of gold coin, gold cup. Services (armies/archers in time of war) or a unique gold ring (one of three – a bargain).

Do you offer storage for halflings or orcs? Will will have need for these services soon.

(Dwarfish runes: translates as “yours in service to the dream”)

Afal Beryblade

Son of Yazmolan Beryblade



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