Defiance – a poem

Defiance was written when I started responding to bullies and gaslighters and I fought the narrative defined for me to follow


Instructions carved in rocks, I hold them against me.

The rules we brought down from the hill, burning and shouting.

Someone there said they were right, and when they were gone from sight

We knew we held a treasure; our future assured.

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Defiance – a poem

Work Party – a poem

The existence of the crowd around me as I resist the loudness and sound. My endocrine

glands leak panic, my face glitters and is frantic, and my flesh displays outward pleasure, manic

“Pleased to see you, it’s been too long!” – I air-kiss and grasp arms and wish myself away

as I stay, and my talk is small and empty and so is theirs, my feet hurt and my drink is empty

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Work Party – a poem

Excessive adjectives – a short rant

What i like about literature (and poetry) is that a good piece uses words to describe a scene without unnecessary adverbs or adjectives. Once you start shoving them in, it’s probably indicative of either lazy writing or having to plug the story with words to get up the word count-  and I’m going to get annoyed at the book pretty fast.

I’m not saying descriptions or world building are not required, but they need to be well written, and not just sticking an adjective or two before a noun.

Take these examples:

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Excessive adjectives – a short rant