Arthur Berth the After Birth – a short story

AAAAAnd I’m gonna put this behind a cut, as it’s gross.


I remember writing this (1999?) and I remember being really happy with it. Now I share it with the internet, perhaps foolishly.

Arthur Berth the After Birth

Arthur Berth came from very humble beginnings. Mr and Mrs Berth worked in a refuse reclamation facility in Notting Hill.

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Arthur Berth the After Birth – a short story

Murry the Puddle – a short story from 1999

Another Angus Oblong style short surreal story. Murry was my friend’s nickname and I have no idea about the rest of the context.

Murry the Puddle

Murry was a small, dark puddle.

It would sit in gutters all day and splash you as you walked past it.

It listened to boy bands.

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Murry the Puddle – a short story from 1999

Kellie the Crypt Ghost – a short story

I am often baffled by things I have written in my past. This would have been written around 1999 based on some other context that came with the print out.  I would have written this directly after having just read Creepy Susie and 13 other tales for Troubled Children, by Angus Oblong. It’s pretty much in that style. I  have quite a few of these.

I actually have bought art from Angus Oblong, I have a pair of matching portraits that I have over my dresser in my room, and I bought a cat painting, actually for Kellie.. It’s surreal and fun.

Kellie the crypt-ghost.

Kellie died a very unpleasant death.

It made her cross.

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Kellie the Crypt Ghost – a short story

Pulse Magic – prose, written 22 years ago

I found this bit of prose written on the back of a tram conductor’s pay-in slip. I therefore know it was written in the winter of 1996, I guess I probably wrote this when I was bored in a tram, as tended to happen a LOT. I have no memory of it, or of why I wrote it, other than I expect there was some sort of discussion about vegetarianism at the time, and I have a friend called Zik – knowing me it was in response to a certain incident and I was mocking him somehow. I would have been a vegetarian when I wrote it.

Pulse Magic

A man called Zik, walking down the lane

Held lentils in his hand

He stopped and exclaimed out loud

“Oh, wouldn’t it be grand! –

If these lentils were just like magic beans

And if I threw them over there

They grew and grew and grew and grew

And formed a magic stair!”

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Pulse Magic – prose, written 22 years ago

Crash Space – a modern Novel

Crash space, a novel of geekery by Moylen Green

I have published Crash Space via smashwords!

The blurb:

“Rusel is a bisexual, non-binary nerd, who just wants to have a good time and coast through a life filled with sex, role-playing, and pranks. It’s a great shock then to find that someone dislikes them enough to attempt murder.
Who does Rusel know who would dislike them enough to kill? What on earth could be the motive? Could it be one of the housemates or an ex partner with a grudge?
Rusel downplays their impact on other’s lives, and navigates a life filled with parties, social events, drugs, complicated housemate relationships, and jokes gone awry. Motives are exposed and must be dealt with before the next attempt is made.”

Some things I want to say about this novel:

This story evolved a lot since it’s inception in something like 2010 and I worked on it on and off for years; to be honest I changed in a lot of my viewpoints from 6 year-ago-me to now-me. Largely I realised how ingrained misogyny was in my reading and thinking habits (despite me thinking I was a bit of a feminist). I rewrote so much of this to make it not like that.


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Crash Space – a modern Novel