Right of reply – a tale from the past of a cheating wife and the people who were fooled by her

Remember when the PhilDerp happened and it came out that a certain person had told her new bf and social group she was in an open relationship, which was a shock to her husband, and everyone who knew she was not? And the perpetrator of Philderp tried to use her as a moral example and failed utterly because he’d not actually understood what was going on? Which was a state of normal, for him, really.

This is and excerpt from my old blog. Interesting seeing what happened in 2013 but probably far too obscure for most people.

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Right of reply – a tale from the past of a cheating wife and the people who were fooled by her

Crash Space – a modern Novel

Crash space, a novel of geekery by Moylen Green

I have published Crash Space via smashwords!


The blurb:

“Rusel is a bisexual, non-binary nerd, who just wants to have a good time and coast through a life filled with sex, role-playing, and pranks. It’s a great shock then to find that someone dislikes them enough to attempt murder.
Who does Rusel know who would dislike them enough to kill? What on earth could be the motive? Could it be one of the housemates or an ex partner with a grudge?
Rusel downplays their impact on other’s lives, and navigates a life filled with parties, social events, drugs, complicated housemate relationships, and jokes gone awry. Motives are exposed and must be dealt with before the next attempt is made.”

Some things I want to say about this novel:

This story evolved a lot since it’s inception in something like 2010 and I worked on it on and off for years; to be honest I changed in a lot of my viewpoints from 6 year-ago-me to now-me. Largely I realised how ingrained misogyny was in my reading and thinking habits (despite me thinking I was a bit of a feminist). I rewrote so much of this to make it not like that.


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Crash Space – a modern Novel

The Stanleigh Rose – a romance novel

A short break from poetry to announce that after 23 years of procrastination, editing, ignoring, and moments of frantic work, I have self-published the first manuscript I ever ‘completed’.  What a journey.

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The Stanleigh Rose – a romance novel

The Good Plates – a poem

(A tribute to someone who I no longer have to give a shit about)

The Good Plates

You own a “good” dinner set that you can’t allow yourself to use

You excuse and are obtuse as to why not, you are excessive

In the face of opposition.

Your position is that your mission is to keep it nice,

unbroken, unsullied, unused and so another set is purchased;

The second best set.

And these ones you allow to get wet, but you still expect reverence.

They’re delicate but not untouchable and still quite valuable

You calculate, and hesitate to even place these before

those undeserving and unnerving, who you don’t let yourself respect

Mostly they get to eat off the the third-best set.

The Good Plates – a poem

Yearly Horoscope – Virgo

Virgos are repressed and exacting. Sort of like Incels. Are all Incels Virgos? I’d ask them but I assume they’d just sneer and call me a Chad or a Stacey or possibly a normie. If you’re on this page and reading this, it should be quite obvious that I’m not a normie. But perhaps I don’t understand the terminology well enough.

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Yearly Horoscope – Virgo