In relation to us – a poem

In Relation to us

I would not take the cup from times’ hand that would lead me back to my past

So that I may choose again, choose the path leading from strife and pain

That for moments in my time made me insane; overall, I gained.

And now I stand in my own shoes and I think of me and how much I would lose

From the credits that flash at the end of a show, your name is below, how

You taught me how men lie. You showed me by and by how to trust instinct when I would think

Something was broken and I could fix it, I was seeing clearly when I saw the stink

And the pain that came from your intentions. I learned that some things are

Infractions against kindness. They show no merit, they are a distraction.

Serving a purpose; sometimes inaction is the only way to resurface whole and entire.

My skin, hair and what is behind the eyes was shaped as much by ruthlessness and lies

As it was by tenderness and love – and now kindness is the only path to which I aspire to.

In relation to us – a poem

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