You Failed – a poem

You failed.

Money and Power, power and money, is a cycle that the self absorbed

And obsessed like you who weave that narrative around your life. You lie

so naturally you are believed for why would someone so full of the will to succeed

need to lie? It’s all a lie and a cycle of lies proceed you.

You lie about being human, you don’t exist in your skin. You inhabit a body or

a humanoid form, this is true, but in defining you

No one can do it, the peasant within is unschooled and undisciplined

The essence of you is absent.

You lie about what you can do , you wave your flipper and all around you fall  and you applaud.

Your narrative tells of why you leave and what they around you did to make you grieve

but you do nothing, say nothing, that is not nothing, and you

inject hearts around you with doubt.  You avoid it being found out that your

thoughts are without clout and your deeds are hard to see

because you have nothing, no thought, no care, no integrity.

My money, my power  – not yours –  It made you feel a feeling, you feed

and guzzle and slurp  and consume and and are full of foul breeds,

and in that sliver of epoch  you are human and want destroy me and you are instead consumed.

You Failed – a poem

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