WILSONSELFSTORAGE – How much does it cost to store an Elf?

There is a business near me whose business name is WILSONSELFSTORAGE – that is how the signage is written.



I wrote them this letter. They have yet to respond.

Dear Wilson’s Elf Storage,

My associates and I are enquiring about rates for the following elves that we would like to store;

  1. 1 Mirkwood elf
  2. 4 Lothlorian elves (3M. 1F)

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WILSONSELFSTORAGE – How much does it cost to store an Elf?

Corporate Hijinks – pranks in corporate life

In 2001 i was working for a company that came down hard with a new WET WASTE policy. Someone got a notice telling them off for putting something damp in their bin.

What i did after they got this first notice, was write up the one below and pop it on their desk.

I also rewrote the policy in detail and posted it around the office. It was in the same font as the Original. It caused both confusion and giggles.

I got into trouble for this but I didn’t give a shit then and i only just found the documents now so I had a laugh.

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Corporate Hijinks – pranks in corporate life

Car email – Responding to a scammer

I sold a car a few months ago, I got an email from someone clearly trying to rip me off, it was bodgey as could be.  I’d giving the final price and tried to ask about the muddle headed arrangements of ‘I will send a representative and pay you by direct credit some money’ stuff. Basically I worked out it was a scam to make me think someone really wanted my car and that the arrangement would involve them stealing my car. I looked it up online. Once I worked that out, after lots of converstaion that made no sense, I decided to dick with them.

This is the text of how the conversation went after this.

The ‘purchaser’ was Valentina who ignored everything I said about the fact I had rego and roadworthy on the car, and kept demanding to know about the car. And assuring me it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a roadworthy, and had ignored my ‘price’ about three times. Valentina wanted to know everything about my car and get all the photos. This mind you was a crappy Toyota Starlet. I was asking around $2500, the correct price for a 90s car of that ilk, when I was selling it.

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Car email – Responding to a scammer