Car email – Responding to a scammer

I sold a car a few months ago, I got an email from someone clearly trying to rip me off, it was bodgey as.  I’d giving the final price and tried to ask about the muddle headed arrangements of ‘I will send a representative and pay you by direct credit some money’ stuff.
This is the text of how the conversation went after this.

I got no reply from my reply. I think they thought I was not taking it seriously enough.

Valentina (ignoring everything I’d said in the last email)
Thank you for all the details that you sent me… The pictures are  amazing! I need to make sure that I have all the details correct, How much you said is the final willing price?
This amount seems very good for what I would getting as well. I am very interested and the car is perfect for me . So kindly get back to me with your bsb account name and number so that i can proceed with the payment as soon as i can.. Thanks
My Reply:

I’m really sorry i forgot to mention this and it might put you off. I was wondering whether to say it, clearly you’ve read my last email in detail and you think the car is going to suit you. You seem genuine and so I need to be totally honest with you before you know what you’re getting into.

At least four people have died in the passenfiftger seat of this car.It might be five, I did not check to see if the h person had died, but I presume they didn’t make it. I don’t think a human body can live that long.

If you drive the car after midnight, you can hear a very faint sobbing from the passenger seat. Like the sobbing of a damned soul. I can’t get rid of it. I asked a priest if he could exorcise it but he refused on the grounds that i’m not a christian.  The best I could do was to pay a homeless guy with a long beard to bless it – i paid with a six pack of VB and a bottle of meth, I decided on him on the grounds that he looked like Jesus, or at least like Jesus would do if he was in his mid 50s and actually born white not middle eastern. He seemed happy to bless it for me and shambled off into the dark. I never saw him again. Perhaps it was jesus.

I would recommend you wear a cross when you drive the car, I’m pretty sure all the souls that died in it were followers of Christ and He might protect you. Though i must say He didn’t protect that Nun.  HA! HA!

Are you ok with this before you buy?
Car email – Responding to a scammer

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