Kellie the Crypt Ghost – a short story

I am often baffled by things I have written in my past. This would have been written around 1999 based on some other context that came with the print out.  I would have written this directly after having just read Creepy Susie and 13 other tales for Troubled Children, by Angus Oblong. It’s pretty much in that style. I  have quite a few of these.

I actually have bought art from Angus Oblong, I have a pair of matching portraits that I have over my dresser in my room, and I bought a cat painting, actually for Kellie.. It’s surreal and fun.

Kellie the crypt-ghost.

Kellie died a very unpleasant death.

It made her cross.

She lived in the spooky old crypt, hovering over her grave.

She liked the howling noise she could make when she bounced up and down.

Bold teenagers would visit her for a dare.

They ran away crying when she bit their toes off.

She liked toes.

One day she lined up her collection of toes to form the word “BEWARE!”.

A Catholic priest tried to excommunicate her.

She bit his toes off.

After that, everyone left her alone.

Which was just the way she liked it.


Kellie the Crypt Ghost – a short story

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