Pulse Magic – prose, written 22 years ago

I found this bit of prose written on the back of a tram conductor’s pay-in slip. I therefore know it was written in the winter of 1996, I guess I probably wrote this when I was bored in a tram, as tended to happen a LOT. I have no memory of it, or of why I wrote it, other than I expect there was some sort of discussion about vegetarianism at the time, and I have a friend called Zik – knowing me it was in response to a certain incident and I was mocking him somehow. I would have been a vegetarian when I wrote it.

Pulse Magic

A man called Zik, walking down the lane

Held lentils in his hand

He stopped and exclaimed out loud

“Oh, wouldn’t it be grand! –

If these lentils were just like magic beans

And if I threw them over there

They grew and grew and grew and grew

And formed a magic stair!”

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Pulse Magic – prose, written 22 years ago