Total bosh (a poem)

A rare bit of prose from my perspective


I’m really quite laid back and chilled

All my friends are fantastic people

But my ‘nice’ prose is always unfulfilled

And my attempts at ‘pleasant’ is feeble

I paint and I sew and I pat my cats

And hang out with all my mates

But when poetry strikes, it’s the attacks

On the assholes who I want to stake

I come out as vindictive and stabby at best

I find I can live with that fine

In the past certain people I’ve distressed

And I’m sure I’ll be punished in time

Some people offend me on a serial level

Their selfish acts cause others to break

Justification sets in and they start to drivel

Those people are shallow and fake

Some are well practiced in deceit and in lies

But will deny it again and again

Oozing sincerity when looked in the eyes

While they stab you in the back with a pen

Humans do dumb things all the time

Mistakes and fuckups do occur

They lie and cheat and feel around blind

And are as bitter to swallow as myrrh

There are ways for things to turn out fine

If your inclination is right

Just don’t deny it and whine

Own your behavior, don’t fight

Choices we make and behaviors we own

And ethics will come out in the wash

If you are a jerk, In prose you I’ll pwn

If you are filled with total bosh

Total bosh (a poem)

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