The tooth – illustrated prose for children

Hey what do you know, I also illustrate!


Under the bed, between the walls

These little creatures are

They use your toys, they use your balls

They do not take them far

ball and skate

They do no harm, they clean your floor

As they hide from most humans

Some people see them from afar

Some people are their friends


They sleep in socks, they joust with pens

Everything is lots of fun

Their names are Tanole, Roy and Puce,

Smeer, Obid, Gari, and Lon


Smeer woke up one early morning

He gave a massive shout

Oh my! Oh Dear! Come look at this~

My tooth has come right out!

tooth loss

The tooth as shiny, white as snow

They gathered round to see

Smeer said ‘does anybody know

How to fix it back into me?’

peering in

‘I’ll try it first,’ young Gari said

Into the gum he pushed it

It fell right out again instead

The tooth did not want to fit


‘My turn now’, said Janole

Who held up a needle and thread

But the needle slipped off –there was no hole

In the tooth or in Smeer’s head

thread it

Obid had an idea and fetched the glue

And dabbed it all around

The tooth was inserted, as good as new

But then fell out onto the ground

gulue it

‘The solutions’ clear’, Puce Declared

And the stapler is the key!

Lie down here, don’t be afraid!

I’ll staple it , you’ll see!


‘Some tape will work, we’ll tie it on

This will surely set it right

We’ll slip in there ok’, said Rone

But the tooth dropped out all right


The wisest of them all was Roye

Who finally upspoke

‘Teeth fall out often, every day

It’s not that the tooth has broke’

sticky tape

‘Another tooth will soon grow in

Let nature have it’s way

You’ll have a big gap in your grin

Until that happy day!’

paint box

‘Well that’s all right then’, they agreed

And we’ve better things to do

So they got to making toys and beads

Out of the staples, the string, and the glue!


The tooth – illustrated prose for children

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