Blame (a poem)

Written to describe a relationship


“As long as I know it’s all coming from you”

Is something you’ve a need to explain

Decisions you choose to own are few

It gives you the right to have them to blame

Forgetting the times things all went wrong

And steadfastly recalling the great

You see is a character point that is strong

And so on this you refuse to debate

If your friends forget to mail or phone

You are saddened at the lack of care

You passively wait as you sit at home

Expecting others to shoulder effort is fair

You’re lonely and now you’re left out of plans

That the people around you have made

It makes you a bitter resentful man

But into their hands you place your fate

If you’d only just take your head from your ass

And accept some responsibility

For your own happiness – it’s not a big ask

Instead of wallowing in forgotten ennui

Blame (a poem)

2 thoughts on “Blame (a poem)

    1. This was very specifically about someone who did not!- and about me in particular!
      sorry, i totally missed the notification for your comment, it’s been sitting there for months.


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