Colin the Weevil -a short story

I wrote a lot of stories about Colin the Weevil, including a novella, which I may actually tidy up and publish. I have illustrated some of the stories I’ve written – occurs to me I’ve never published any of it. Huh. Must get on that.

This was the story that started it. Again, 1999 or so. Based on Colin and Andy, who I clearly was hanging out a lot with back then.

Colin the Weevil

Colin was a weevil who lived in the Flour Barrel in the Kitchen Cupboard.

He was obsessed with flour.

One day he met Andy the Ant, on reconnaissance from The Garden.

“I like flour, how about you?” asked Colin.

“Call this flour?” scoffed Andy, “The Garden is full of flowers, in all colours and flavours!”

Colin began to dream about the garden.  He dreamed about the colourful flour.  He imagined frolicking in the colourful flours.

He packed up his bags, and set off to The Garden.

He passed the Giant Concrete Waste.  And found himself in The Garden.

He saw hundreds of flowers, of all colours.  He nibbled a bit of yellow dandelion.  It tasted better than any flour he’d ever had before.

Through sheer determination, Colin founded an empire in the Brick Barbecue.

He founded chain gangs, where insects collected and dried flowers.  And pounded them into flour.

Colin looked at his stockpiles of coloured, flavoured flour.And he saw that it was good.


Colin the Weevil -a short story

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