Burden – musings on a life that intersects mine

I had some big things happen to me and was thinking a lot when I wrote this.

You ultimately can only carry your own burden, along your own path

Sometimes you can accept someone elses but if you do it for more than a little while

They will keep adding load to you and you will be dealing with theirs not your own

And both of yours increase at the same rate. They more they palm off to you the harder it gets for them when they have to accept theirs back again

It will ultimately come back to them. You don’t do them favours by trying to lighten their load.

You have a responsibility to yourself as a human to hand theirs back and say “I have my own”. And to not hand your own to someone else.

The only way to lighten your burden is to stop, unpack, and examine the contents in great detail

To understand you can choose to throw away or keep

Many of the weight had been given to you by others. It is often very unfair but that is reality

If you choose to shift responsibility, that merely hides the size of your own for a short while, it comes back

You can blame all you want but it just ads to the packs that you later have to shift

You don’t have to forgive or forget wrongs done to you but you do have to accept your response to them is within your own hands


Burden – musings on a life that intersects mine

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