Enid Blyton Discontinued book titles – Musing

I am consolidating all my writing blogs here. Originally published and still available in 2007 on “BadEnidBlytonSlash” on blogsplot.

NSFW and roll your Sanity points. I’m here to ruin your childhood.

Enid Blyton Discontinued Book Titles

The Children of Cherry tree farm keep their Cherries

Tammylans’ real reason for living in a tree house is exposed and he goes to jail

The Wishing Chair Affaire

Feathered wings are kinky

The Put-Em-Ins

A group of village children get together to indulge the village in some good English Country fun

Buster and Timmy go to the Circus

They enjoyed watching Fenella ride the horse. Then they went and replicated this behind Mr Galliano’s caravan.

The Naughtiest Girl in the School

Elizabeth, Joan and Julian know how to ‘Monitor’ the situation

The Mystery of the Hidden Sausage

Cadet Fatty and Inspecter Jenks go to the pub for a pint of bitter and end up doing more than solving a mystery

The Secret of Spiggy’s Hole

Four children have a remarkable adventure with a monkey

Noddy and Big Ears and the Rough Towelling Down

Noddy and Big Ears go on a picnic and get caught in the rain. What a to-do! Good thing Noddy has a little towel in his car!

Josie, Click and her Bun

Money is tight when you’re a full time carer for a challenged rabbit, so Click pimps Josie down at the docks

The Secret Island

Four children, a cow, some chickens, and not enough to do makes for some interesting reading

The Cave of Adventure

Kiki comes in a waterfall

Enid Blyton Discontinued book titles – Musing

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