The Succubus (a poem that reads like emo song lyrics)

We all know someone like this


She controls your thoughts and actions
And accepts no lapses
Her need controls and takes your flames
You don’t know it’s all in vain
She plays on ignorance
With her own experience
Your happy gratitude
En-flames her attitude
Her love is being in love
Goes on easily as a glove
Don’t question her ideas
Or say you have your own ideals
That don’t match her need
You constantly must heed
Her love – a shallow pool
Your love is burned as fuel
Your body was selected
Because it passed inspection
You look like all the others
Your now discarded, future brothers
Used up, dried up, and drained
She sucks care, and flings away
Fidelity and trust
From you, she says, is a must
She will spend your time and money
Secretly fucking other bodies
If your attention wanders
It will be over with time to ponder
The emotions that you thought
That she cared – she cared nought
your love was taken from you
She absorbs all that is good and true
She loves only for her self
If into her soul you delve
you’d find her so empty, shallow
No life, barren, fallow
Her ages climbs up, theirs don’t
once you grow a pair you;re out
As her for what you need
She’ll pretend to consider the deed
But will follow her desires instead
And climb into another mans’ bed
You then know that you’re in
Her list of the men who have sinned
The men she tells sad stories about
Men who used her and threw her out

The Succubus (a poem that reads like emo song lyrics)

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