I’m sorry (a poem)

Sorry not sorry.


I’m sorry I upset you, love
You know I didn’t mean to
Next time when you tell me what you want
I’ll know it’s just not true

I’m sorry you don’t like who I am
Next time I should pretend
While the idea of me seems really good
The real me just offends

I’m sorry after all those talks
When you unburdened all your woes
You kept what was real all to yourself
Well that sure kept me on my toes!

I’m sorry when you made up rules
In your head, and didn’t say
My transgressions must have cut you deep
When I didn’t follow your rules of play

I’m sorry that our arrangement
Caused you so much suffering
You agreed, you see, and silly me
Thought that made it the right thing

I’m sorry your compromises you hid
And your martyrdom thus grew
I didn’t thank you for giving up
All those things – If I only knew!

I’m sorry that your silence and stares
Went unnoticed for so long
I was oblivious to them both
You must have suffered for so long

I’m sorry I changed and so did you
And in very different ways
But pretending the past was current still
Was not how I saw our days

I’m sorry I failed you all those times
And I am not responsible
For your choices and actions, it’s not from me
That set those downward balls to roll

I’m sorry so much time was spent
Avoiding the issues at hand
My attempts to discuss our clear problems
I could tell, made you an angry man

I’m sorry your anger burned so deep
And your bitterness increased
Mine has subsequently matched your own
It’s grown – and has not ceased

I’m sorry (a poem)

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