The Best Friend (a poem)

Written on behalf of KN


I see you’re turning into your mother

That’s most unfortunate for you

For a while it seemed you’d missed out

But now it seems the genes bred true

I liked her but didn’t admire her

She was rather too pious and straight

Disapproving of anything different

Why would you want to turn into that?

For a bit, while you transitioned

You thought of me as your token whacky friend

But you went from interesting to douche so fast

Those cracks you refused to mend

Your rigid unstinting ethics

And moralistic judgment calls

Resulted in no possible friendship

Like humpty you pushed me over the wall

I’m sure the behind my back bitching

Of how awful I was, such a blight

Worked well and good for you at the time

But now triggers that conscience at night

I think your mum taught you well

To condemn your non god loving friends

Your self righteous justifications

Of your own behaviour really offends

While I’m glad to be out of your life

The way you dumped me was an asshole move

For the sake of the thing you call your soul

I dearly hope your behaviour improves

All your friendships will wither and die

Because you’re too weak and cowardly to deal

With the issues friends need to resolve

You’ll end up very lonely I feel

The Best Friend (a poem)

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