Why don’t I have what you have – prose

A poem on behalf of those entitled out there who thinks the world should revolve around them.


If I think about your life

I suffer such disgust

How, instead of me

Did you end up with so much?

Your man bought you a house

Children run around it’s rooms

I live with our mother

With a barren, gaping womb

Why haven’t I had my chance?

I deserve it more than you

After all those men I discarded

They never made it through

You say, “It’s not a trick

In marriage you work together

Instead of looking for sunny days

Learn to deal with stormy weather.”

Well that’s just where you’re wrong

Relationships are my thing

I’ve had so many so I know

My finger has even worn a ring

But Husband was really boring

My secret lover said I was a lady

But now he’s getting on my nerves

And he won’t give me a baby

I said, “You’ve sowed your wild oats

You sowed them into me

Now it’s time to work and pay for

What you used to get for free.”

Oh, he’ll shape up okay

Once I have him in my control

Then I’ll have what you have

And you can shove it up your hole

Why don’t I have what you have – prose

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