You mean to me (a poem)

Endings are often painful


We never really did define
How and what we had
At the time we were aligned
It didn’t seem it would go bad
Years after the official end
The hurt can start anew
Please just stop the pretense
And tell to me the truth
Opinions told only to them
Is not a trait I admire
Two faced, your insincerity stems
From your need to be admired
I trusted what you said you felt
What you said was fabrication
Your need to be alpha with loudest pelt
Makes you king of manipulation
You’re offended at my attitude now
I should still be chasing dreams
Others rejected by you still bow
When you tell them that you’re keen
I say to you- I dislike your style
I dislike how you dismiss it
I dislike you never go the mile
Unless you directly profit

You mean to me (a poem)

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