What I needed/all men are shit (a poem)

To someone who needs total control and doesn’t understand why they fail so often. It’s never them.


I needed your total utter compliance
On this I placed my full reliance
Yet you chose to have your own wants and needs
How toxic is that – I’m glad I’m freed!

What I deeply needed you never gave
Should I have had to wait until the grave
Did you want me to die being unfulfilled
My hearts desire would never be filled?

If you had to ask you didn’t deserve to know
That’s proof that you didn’t care to show
The most basic understanding of what I desired
I kept it in tight, the face i showed you was lies

You let me down fundamentally
You didn’t understand or mind read me
Why should I have to tell or explain myself
If you don’t just get it I’d go to someone else

When i quit my job without telling you
And lived off your money – well, that was my due
When I fucked that guy behind your back
He was really only picking up your slack

While you earned for us I was home all day
I was bored and you were not there to play
My emotional needs you were also not meeting
And new relationship energy, takes a lot of beating

Why when years together we were not fresh and new?
Where had the spark gone, to where had it flew?
You’d gotten older and my desire for you had waned
Also, I found a young virgin ready to be trained

When I walked out why were you so upset
I’d been over you for a long time, yet
You said that I’d lied…well maybe just a bit
But it was all for my well being. So really, that’s it.

The new one started well but now I’m quite bored
He also fails to just get me – he ignores
Those feelings I hide while I pretend it’s all right
All men are such shits. They are like that from spite!

What I needed/all men are shit (a poem)

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