Afraid of time’s flow (a poem)



You are so afraid of time
Instead of absorbing it’s flow
You deny the yearly ravage
Clinging to the You of old

You are afraid to be alone
More than anyone else you care
Scared to be single and lonely
You are a solitary burned out star

A constant victim, your finger points
At all behavior but not your own
People are so mean, so unkind
Look at all the unfairness they’ve shown!

Others have what you desire
Your right to be loved beyond all things
A princess, expecting a prince
Settling for no less than a kingdom

The mirror reflects the sad truth
Your soul shines through your eyes
Discontent, entitled, ugly
The whole world sees your lies

So much wasted breathing
It’s your own fault you’ll die alone
Bitter and failing to understand
That your mind has never grown

Afraid of time’s flow (a poem)

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