Don’t ask her (a poem)

We all know someone like this


She had a really bad childhood

I thought you ought to know

So when she fucks you over

Just sit back and take the blow

In every new situation

She identifies the strife

Expertly seeking it out

She’s been a victim all her life

Fault and blame slides off her hide

He lip quiver she has down pat

Tears of pain well in her eyes

How can you be mean to that?

She lies and cheats and accuses you

It’s what she learned to do

30 years ago if you’d grown up

Like her, you’d be like that too

If you love or trust or like the girl

And show her your support

Give her love or money or allay her fears

Or try and siphon off her hurt

She’ll rat out you out behind your back

Make fun of everything you say

Tell everyone your secret dreams

Don’t get upset, it’s just her way

She also tells you about the others

How they use her, make her blue

How they are horrid and don’t give her a break

(she says the same to them about you)

Her statements must stand without question

You want proof? She’ll be aghast

Don’t you trust her, you’re fucking evil

How dare you even ask!

If you attempt to corroborate her nonsense

You’ll be accused of spying

Anything to divert your attention

From the fact you caught her out lying

To date or befriend her, you must be told

Loyalty – honour- integrity- care

Or Trust or love or deep commitment

Are not words of which she’s aware

Don’t ask her (a poem)

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