Crazy sauce (A Poem)

I know people who actually think this


He sticks his dick in crazy sauce

That’s his main lament

No sane girl tends to sleep with him

I’m sure you’ve heard him vent

Girls who might want a relationship

To them, he won’t commit

Emotionally unstable and vulnerable

He’ll fuck then treat like shit

He’s never to my knowledge once

Questioned his beliefs

It’s clear to all who look at him

That it’s him who causes grief

Getting available woman into bed

Then denying their upset

It’s easy to see in those you hurt

Your own problems that you vet

No longer thin with boyish looks

It getting harder every time

To keep the glamour going strong

So he can bang who he’s inclined

It’s good for him he’s got his mates

To explain away his past

Of crazy women! Poor hapless man

(The stories get old real fast)

The common factor is always him

His ex lovers all agree

They get caught in a fantasy land

And are happy to be freed

It’s no relationship, he says

When he means no monogamy

He fights to owe no duty of care

And considers he’s always free

He’s fun but callous all the same

Engages their empathy

Then walks away (or runs and hides)

Without a jot of sympathy

Crazy sauce (A Poem)

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