Standing up (a poem)

standing up to misogyny gets you into trouble from the misogynists


She is not surprised

When the hatred begins

Initially it was fine till

she spoke against their sins

How hard is it to be

Just be honest and kind

When no one is watching?

Seems that’s hard to find

They say she’s gone crazy

For standing so frigid

Against woeful behaviour

They will not admit it

“She attacks, she’s so angry”

They mutter in ears

“Her grudges are legendary

Not like us – she’s weird

She’s vain without reason

She’s arrogant and proud

And bitchy and evil!”

They all say aloud

But not to her face

Cause she’d ask them for more

And consider their reasons

And consider her score

“To confrontational” they say

As they hide behind the sills

“What a hypocrite she is!”

They mutter as they mill

“SO what if we hurt her

So what if we lied

No one else makes a fuss

Or exposes what we hide

What does she expect

Only humans, we are

Se deserves what she gets

For setting such a high bar

And if we defy her

Go against her dumb rules

She’ll draw us in paint

Or words, really crude

To diminish her voice

To show down her power

We point and scream CRAZY

And we sit and we glower

She’s is kind of forgiving

But you must own up to fault

You of try and offload it

On that she will dote

You folk who still see her

You’re in for a shock

One day you’ll cheat or lie

Then you’ll suffer her mock!”

Standing up (a poem)

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