Why are Cicadas so loud? – Moylen Green, Agony Ent, answers your questions.

(Originally published March 2015 on Things You Should Know on Blogspot)
It has been assumed for many years that the annual screeching of the cicada is because they are ‘insects’ and they are ‘looking for a mate’.
It was only in 2013 that a post graduate biology student was collecting data for summer holidays and discovered the awful truth.Cicadas are actually the earth’s way of secreting unwanted earth blood that has turned into something harmful to the earth.

It seems odd to us but if we could tunnel into the earth we’d discover all sorts of weird and wonderful, and sometimes, terrible, things. The earth is full of blobs of this and that, that swim around and do important earth stuff. The earths is of course an animal, with it’s own cellular structure, and we have evolved to live on the outer cell wall.

Because humans are not permeable to the walls, we don’t really understand what is really going on in there. We can tap through the walls and remove the sebaceous fluid (which we use to power our cars and planes and factories) and we sometimes dig down a bit into the top layers of ‘skin’ where we can pick up bits of bone and other fragments that have been expelled to the  surface layers- we offer these to out loved ones to wear for sentimental reasons, or we put our food in the them, or drive around them.

It’s kind of disgusting to know that gold, silver, tin, copper, iron, and diamonds, are all the broken down waste products of a giant living organism.

What we call cicadas are slightly mutated protein units. In the non mutated form, they deliver nutrients to all the parts of the earth body by squirming around and around the inside cellular structure, however every now and then some of them go a bit bad, develop some sort of disease, and turn into shrieking, loud, horrible little things that the earth goes to great pains to expel from it’s ‘blood’.

These come to the surface still shrieking and screaming, out of rage and dislike for having to be on the outside of the cell, they climb trees and die horribly in a very satisfying manner to those of us who no longer want to hear them either.  This is because they cannot breath our air for long. On the way they often leave behind ghost images of themselves in brown. It’s like three-d printing.

I feel sorry for the earth because sound carries much further inside the earth cell and those little mutated protein units can really upset the balance of nature down there, I can tell you that.






Why are Cicadas so loud? – Moylen Green, Agony Ent, answers your questions.

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