Yearly Horoscope – Cancer

Cancers are crabs and so they are usually crabby. You can tell someone who is crabby by how they respond to normal everyday pleasantries.

For example, if you ask a Pisces if you can have one of their bits of uneaten bacon, they may reply, “It’s not unwanted, I’m saving it to last. I like bacon.” See how easy that was. Breakfast continues in peace, there is no loss of friendship. Everyone knows where they stand.

But if you ask a Cancerian the same question they are more likely to respond “Go away, you! This is my bacon! Get your own!”  And then they will shun you for two days and refer to you under their breath as a bacon thief. EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T ACTUALLY TAKE THEIR BACON!

Cancers, you need to consider your life choices, and understand why you have no friends.

Yearly Horoscope – Cancer

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