Yearly Horoscope : Leo

Leos get a very roar deal from life, so I’ve heard. Being forced to eat grubby wildebeast and live in packs where the head dude yells at and excludes all the other dudes and all the women are like, whatever.

Wait, that’s Lions. I often forget what the difference is between the character in the symbol and the actual reality of what a horoscope is, that is of course,  a made-up description based on a nonsensical set of values with arbitrary values and meanings, that some people really get into.

Lions are kind of cool though. I mean, sitting around, taking down things like zebras and gazelles. All big cats are cool. So are small cats. I like cats. Everyone should like cats. What’s not to like?

I’m under the paw. Why aren’t you?

Yearly Horoscope : Leo

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