Choc for Russell – musings on working life

Today I looked down and noticed I had a post it note stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I pulled it off and read it.

It said CHOC FOR RUSSELL. I pondered on the significance of this note.

  1. Who is Russell? If I had been born male, Russell was the name chosen for me by my parents. Was this possibly a message from an alternate universe where I was Russell? Does this note signify that my other self at least, did not have a terrible day today?
  2. Presumably Choc means chocolate. Which would mean the note suggests Russell was either to be given some chocolate,  or the note was unfinished and may have meant “Choc for Russel to give to someone else“, to sell or to pass on –  in which case, did the chocolate get to it’s intended owner? I will never know.
  3. Presumably Russell, whoever it is, eats chocolate. If not, this note is very sad, as it is when people gift sweet things to me, as I don’t eat them, I try not to let the giver know they’ve given me a useless gift, though. I re-gift all sweet things.
  4. Assuming the note was a reminder to give Russel some chocolate, I hope I got the note after Russell was given the chocolate. There may yet be some forgotten chocolate which Russell has no idea of, just sitting there, neglected, and will remain neglected as the note to hand it to him is gone forever.
  5. Russell could be diabetic, or on a fitness regime, or lactose intolerant. In which case, chocolate is poison to him. What a mean thing to do to Russell. Hate-chocolate.
  6. What if Russell does not like the gift giver? Would he eat the chocolate anyway? Is the chocolate giver aware of Russell’s dislike?
  7. What if it’s obligation chocolate, a gift that is a token,”They said to get you a thank you so I got the most obvious thing” sort of chocolate?
  8. What if Russell eats the chocolate and it’s gone white? Or it’s compound chocolate? Worse, what if it’s WHITE CHOCOLATE?

Something that seems simple, is really not very.



Choc for Russell – musings on working life

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