Yearly horoscope – Aries

Congratulations! Not only are you born under the sign that is impossible to spell from memory, you’re also represented by a ram. I bet that made you popular in the school yard.
I think the Chinese have better zodiac symbols. At least some of them, they also have a goat/sheep.  I didn’t think that statement through, did I. I wonder if there is goat crossover between the astrological and the Chinese Zodiac? I guess if a Chinese sheep and an astrology sheep combined, it would be a one-month-every-twelve-years thing. That would surely be super special, right?

Though..that would be the case for all the signs, surely. Imagine being one of those people. What if the the predictions conflicted?  Maybe that was Hamlet’s issue? I think I solved Shakespeare on why Hamlet was so wishy washy!

So what is up for sheeps in the next year? Well, I advise you to stay away from someone who is looking for the ingredients to make a sheep curry. Sheep curry is delicious. If you’re ready to go, go with style.

Try not to eat as much rubbish this year. Sheeps can eat anything and never get fat. My cousin’s sheep ate barbed wire once without any ill effects. Actually it worked, because the barbed wire was to keep the sheep and the horse in different paddocks, and the horse never went into the sheep’s stomach.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Yearly horoscope – Aries

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