Yearly Horoscope – Libra

If I had to weigh things up, I’d say Librans were the most well balanced of the astrological signs.

….I made myself chuckle, and really, that’s what I’m here for. In fact often I am so caught up in my own cleverness that I totally forget what I’m on about. Oh yeah, astrological signs. Those things.

Um. Libra.

Well, for a start, you have a place named after you that is full of books, so probably means you’re all wise.

What? Oh, that’s a Library. Well that’s awkward.

Um, Well. For a start, you have a sanitary product company named after you! So that’s pretty good. Potentially also awkward but only if you view female bodily functions as something awkward or embarassing. Being a Libran means you’re…absorbant Handy. Come in a ten pack, purse sized.  And at least half the adult population may potentially have a use for you.
Keep doing that, Librarians, also though, I understand you want me to shush now for speaking too loud in the Library.

Yearly Horoscope – Libra

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