Yearly Horoscope – Sagittarius

So it’s half a dude, holding a projectile weapon, with the rest of him a horse. Which seems really odd to me, because that’s like a mounted Calvary. You should have your archers STATIONARY as they have the ability to PROJECT their weapons at the enemy, and then your CALVARY should charge in and ruin everyone by stomping on them. The weapon of the Sagittarius should be a pike, or a hammer, or something that it can gallop up to someone and smash them with and gallop off again.  It’s pointless combining the too. Not good design at all.

I dunno. Olden-days people made a lot of utter shit up, didn’t they.

Oooh predictions. Um, you’ll drop your bow and arrow if you have to go into battle but you will be able to give a lift to King Richard III and that might mean that Bosworth ends very differently.

Though…then we’d not have the Tudor era and I’m pretty fond of Elizabeth. So I’m torn. The Plantagenet were full of stuff and nonsense generally. Or fireside pokers. Or Malmsey wine.

Too soon?

If you had to put a half man on a horse, why did you have to put on the bit that can centaur-splain?

Yearly Horoscope – Sagittarius

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