Yearly Horoscope – Capricorn

Hah! Bet you didn’t expect this to be second last. Capricorns are often last and they are ok with that because it’s like when you have a plate full of dinner and you save the best mouthful for the end.

Like, the pork cracking (assuming it’s been cooked it well and it’s not chewy, that’s the worst, isn’t it?). Or, say, on a salad, if you have a chunk of feta cheese that you just wait and wait for and whammo, it’s last, and it almost makes up from the chore of having to eat boring salad!

I admit when I looked up what the star signs were, I had no idea really what they were. And so Capricorn is supposedly a goat, right? But didn’t I already write about a goat? Oh or was that a ram. It’s all very ungulate-centric, isn’t it? Actually are not horoscopes very ‘cradle of civilisation’ recorded history-centric? What about the blind marsupial mole? Or perhaps the sugar-glider? Or the racoon? Where’s THEIR random constallation designation with erratically chosen attributes that have been plotted out throughout the course of eons as the stars dance in the sky?

Are you saying that in the stars, there can only be the domesticated animals of the cradle of agriculture on Earth?

Oh. Yes. You are. Carry on then.

Yearly Horoscope – Capricorn

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